Safety Programs

Bike Rodeo/Bike Pedestrian Safety Clinics

Length: Varies  

Designed to teach children, through hands-on experience, how to be safe pedestrians and bicyclists.  This is a fun opportunity to improve cycling skills and reinforce safety behavior. This is not the place to teach a young person how to ride a bicycle.  These clinics can be elaborate or as basic as you and your volunteers choose to make it.

Bike Repair Workshop

Length: 2 hours

Students and parents have the opportunity to register for a free bike workshop.  During the event, a mobile bike shop will hold a 30-minute “Do It Yourself” clinic to teach students and parents some basic bike repairs.  Students will also have the opportunity to get their bikes inspected and fixed so they can ride them safely to and from school. Safe Routes to School will also provide a free helmet and helmet fitting session for every student who registers.  So bring your bike! Learn how to pump your tires, fix a flat, and adjust your seat. Also, be prepared to learn some great ways to stay safe while you ride. Student must be accompanied by an adult.

Student Safety Assembly

Length: 20 minutes

This is a pedestrian and bicycle safety presentation where students K-5 learn and reinforce safety skills.  (2) 20 minute assemblies are presented with the first one geared for grades K-2 and the second for grades 3-5.  Students also learn the environmental and health benefits of walking and biking.

Walking School Bus

Length: 1 hour

Walking school buses combine safety and fun with the walk to school. A group of children walk together to school with one or more adult. This course will outline the benefits of starting a walking school bus (including improved attendance rates) and deciding if a walking school bus is the right fit. A scheduled route with meeting points, a timetable and a regularly rotated schedule is developed.  A walking school bus is simple, safe and fun.


Train the Trainer Workshop

Length: 2 hours

During this workshop, participants learn how to organize and hold successful bike rodeo/bike pedestrian safety clinic events at their school or other location.  Our professionals can train CCSD staff, community members, students, government representatives and PTAs/PTOs. Workshop participants learn how to plan and organize a tailored bike rodeo; select and set-up stations; enlist volunteers and sponsors; time management strategies and more!  Teachers may receive 2 CU credits for attending the workshop and organizing a bike rodeo after contract hours.

Active and Healthy Families (FACES Workshop)

Length: 1 hour

The Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program facilitates several events each school year to encourage students and parents to be physically active.  In addition to highlighting these events and programs, the course will cover the relationship between physical activity and academic achievement; and how parents can take a leadership role in planning and organizing a special event at their child’s school.  These workshops are available by request through the FACES department.  For more information or to request a workshop, please contact FACES directly at 702-799-0303

Street Smarts: Encouraging Safe Walking and Bicycling to and from School (FACES Workshop)

Length: 1 hour

Walking and bicycling to and from school provides many benefits to students.  Learn about those benefits and the following: teaching children to walk and bicycle safely to and from school, the importance of being a role model, and an overview of a parent led walking school bus or bicycle train program.  For more information or to request a workshop, please contact FACES directly at 702-799-0303

Parent Meeting

Length: 1 hour

The Safe Routes to School program encourages family engagement.  At these meetings, parents and family members have the opportunity to voice their opinions and/or concerns in regards to their student’s safety while commuting to and from school.  Attendees will also receive information about programs, workshops, and campaigns that are meant to promote and teach safe commuting for all students.


No U Turn Banner

SRTS is constantly campaigning to make sure every driver in Clark County is practicing safe driving skills in school zones.  A banner is presented to active school sites in order to educate parents about the No U Turn or passing in an active school zone law.  The banner is brightly colored and eye-catching. Our goal is to reach at least 25% of drivers at each school.

Thank You for Driving Safely Campaign

A “Thank You” campaign is an effective way to encourage safe driving around school zones.  Volunteers, staff, and parents hand out “Thank You” cards, in English and Spanish, with important Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) concerning school zones.  


Walking and Rolling Program

The CCSD Safe Routes to School program has funds to provide incentives to support a weekly to and from school walking and/or bicycling program at several elementary and/or middle schools. 

Achievement Level

The CCSD Safe Routes to School Achievement Level Program recognizes individual school efforts to improve and promote safe walking and bicycling.  The Achievement Level Program is also a roadmap and an assessment tool. Schools can plot out steps to move their school forward from the beginning level to the platinum level.  School can also assess what they have achieved annually.

Bike Blender

The blender is an excellent and encouraging stationary biking experience that promotes physical activity and social interaction.  When the bike blender is present at schools, students and adults gather around to have an opportunity to pedal and create delicious smoothies!  Ask us how you can reserve our bike blender!