Bike to School Day

The CCSD Safe Routes to School program promotes Bike to School Day each year where children and adults around the nation come together and celebrate the awesome benefits of bicycling and walking to encourage physical activity and fun! Encourage your school to participate.


Walk N Roll Program

Walk N’ Roll To School program not only encourages students to walk and bike to school, but may also include other non-motorized transportation such as scooters, skateboards, and roller-blades. This program can be presented to anyone interested in encouraging walking and biking to school within the school community. The goal is to get more children and their families walking and biking or using other non-motorized transportation to and from school.



Nevada Moves Day

Nevada Moves Day is a fun statewide event that celebrates the benefits of walking and bicycling to school, such as, increase awareness of how walk/bike-friendly a community is and where improvements can be made. It reduces the traffic congestion and air pollution near schools and it increases physical activity.




Disclaimer: This is a Safe Routes to School activity. If your child participates, you acknowledge that the activity involves a risk of injury and hereby acknowledge that Clark County School District is not responsible for any losses, damages, harm, liability, costs, or expenses incurred by participation in any Safe Routes to School activities or programs.